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Get into the limelight with our hip hop songwriters

Best Ghost Writers' hip hop songwriters regularly garner attention and praise from the mainstream media and platinum recording artists. We welcome you to join hands with us and share the limelight to get your music heard by more people.

Hip Hop Songwriters at Best Ghost Writers

Whether they come out and admit it like Dr Dre or hide it, virtually every hip hop artist in history has used the services of ghost hip hop songwriters at some point in their careers. Truth, no matter how blunt, is the core of hip hop and rap. On the other hand, music is no different than any other commodity on the market. Everyone wants access to high-quality musical offerings in the marketplace. And if there's a way to give your music a breath of fresh air and a tenfold improvement in quality, why not? Hiring a professional hip hop songwriter is a quick, easy, and effective way to accomplish all of these goals and more.


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Set the Charts on Fire.

The hip hop songwriters at Best Ghost Writers have words that will intrigue you to the core.

Best Ghost Writers' hip hop songwriters for
Hire Take Your Rap number to the Next Level

The world of hip hop is constantly expanding, so keeping oneself competitive in the market is a tough nut to crack. Time and again, we've seen artists ride the wave of popularity for a while, only to fizzle out before they can break through to the mainstream. Sadder still is the sight of talented musicians falling behind the times. The question is, why? It's not easy to come up with a killer tune, especially in the rap genre. Touring, performing, recording, meeting with producers, and all the other times and places where an artist's physical presence is essential, take time. In all this, a musician hardly gets time to develop compelling hip hop lyrics.

Hip hop songwriters for hire at Best Ghost Writers are like invisible magicians, taking your ideas and crafting a song out of thin air that sounds like you wrote it. We'll make your song even better by realising its potential. The writers at our company are hip-hop maniacs. When you spit those verses on the mic, they'll sound exactly how you intended because they can perfectly capture your tone and attitude.

Lyrics in nearly all forms are our hip hop songwriters' speciality, and we focus on the following types of hip hop, its subgenre, and more.

  • Gangsta rap
  • Trap
  • Crunk
  • R&B
  • G-funk
  • Low-fi
  • Mumble rap
  • Trip hop
  • Ghetto house & many more

Our Writers

Meet the stars of our writing team who are always pushing and setting new standards for us as well as the industry. They have stellar writing experiences under their belt working with bestseller authors and featured by the biggest news outlets and forums.

Esther Rowe


Esther is one of our most emotionally intelligent writers. She deconstructs feelings of her characters so eloquently that it leaves even our editors waiting for the next chapter to quench their curiosity about what’s going to happen next. Her empathetic nature gives her an edge and enables her to not just understand the client’s demands but really feel where they’re coming from. Her abilities shine in storytelling whether they’re fantasy fiction, nonfiction biographies, narratives, screenplays, or novels. Hire her as your Best Ghost Writers today.

Rosalie Guzman


Rosalie is the most versatile writer you will ever see. She is young, but exceptionally gifted with words and has a magical instinct that is reflected in her work. Her multifaceted profile showcases prized work in songwriting, rap and hip-hop, speeches, scripts, fanfics, short stories, flash fiction, and even comics. What’s surprising is that her flow from rhyming extends into the biographies and memoirs that she is always so eager to work on. Rosalie’s words are almost always trending in the media, and we feel proud to know that it was one of our own who wrote that.

Leo Weber


If there’s anyone who can make a person see with closed eyes, it’s our wizard, Weber. He is an expert in drawing detailed pictures in the heads of his readers and animate them with nothing but words on a page. His descriptions are extraordinarily visual, with a unique ability to change complete scenarios, all within a single sentence. Weber’s words that drop like hammers have earned him a celestial reputation amongst our clients so he stays booked in advance. Through our forum, hire him today to reserve an exclusive spot on his writing schedule.

Best Ghost Writer's Songwriting Process



Taking order details

The first step is to take order details from you, our clients. You tell us about the song's subject matter, central theme, desired style and flow, and our representative will take all the details. We also accept any lines you've written to incorporate into the lyrics at the time of order placement. Once we have all the elements that might be useful to our hip hop songwriter, we lock the order.



Assigning the best hip hop songwriter for hire

Our project managers will get in touch as soon as they receive your initial order. After gathering all the specifics about the scope of the work, you have in mind; we hand-select the most qualified candidate to meet your needs.



Collaborating with clients to approve the hook

Based on the instrumental you provide, we will send you a hook that effectively conveys the song's overall concept. During the time it takes to write the hook, our talent may have already begun formulating ideas for the verses and bridge. It's our process to take your approval at each step of the songwriting to stay aligned with your requirements.



Beginning the writing process

Once you're satisfied with the hook, the hip hop songwriter begins composing verses and choruses to accompany it and the music you've provided. We also collaborate with musicians who sometimes want to be physically present during the composing process.



Collaborating with clients to approve the verses

The hip hop songwriter will send you a draft of each verse and await your approval before moving on to the next. We need to know that our work is what you approve of at every stage. Before moving on to the next section of your song, you can make any necessary adjustments right then and there.



The final touches and the feedback

We are always excited to hear what you think of the finished song. We also encourage you to listen back and evaluate whether or not working with a hip hop songwriter was the right choice based on how closely it matches your original vision.

Take your hip hop number to the top of your chart

We have hip hop songwriters for hire who are skilled in using emotions and feelings to write what a top rap number needs.

Frequently asked questions

Hip hop encompasses a wide range of performance arts, including but not limited to music. It was first used as a poetic form of verbal expression to insult and fight opposing groups through rhythm. Over time, it developed into a genre of performance art.

The use of rhyming and other forms of wordplay became increasingly central to hip hop, to the point where it became known as rap music or rapping. So, naturally, when we talk about composing in a hip hop style, we mean creating rap. There are essential components to every rap line. Rhyming, or the lack thereof, is subject to specific guidelines and frameworks. The rhythm of the speaker's words is crucial, as is the presence of enough elements of surprise to qualify them as funny, intriguing, and entertaining.

Clarity and grounding, in reality, are the final and arguably most crucial components. The hip hop language has to reflect realism in actual street speech style.

The most common way inexperienced music producers find hip hop songwriters is through a freelance marketplace like Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, etc.

Searching for "best hip hop songwriters for hire," "rap ghostwriters for hire," and similar phrases will also lead you to websites for professional ghostwriters and ghostwriting services. These people have invested money into their company, so you can expect them to be more seasoned, professional, and competent than freelancers.

Engage with each ghostwriting resource individually to learn essential details like their rates, whether they understand your requirements, when they can deliver if hired, etc. Look at your alternatives and pick the one that suits you best.

Best Ghost Writers is making its mark as an affordable and remarkable provider of songwriting services in the US. Many rap and hip hop songwriters for hire profiles populate these sites, sometimes making it challenging to find the best one among them.

When estimating how much it will cost to hire hip hop songwriters, most people use a percentage of the total number of words. Several factors, such as the complexity of the assignment, the time frame, the need for research, the amount of information provided by the author, etc., can affect the price per word.

You can take credit as the song's sole author and have the final say over its release. Some of our clients have even credited us as authors or editors on their releases. We enjoy the spotlight when it shines on us, but we're cool if our clients prefer to keep our services under wraps most of the time.

You pay a ghostwriter to turn your ideas into something that can make its mark in its niche. A ghostwriter's job consists solely of helping you put your thoughts on paper. We place a high value on protecting your intellectual property. We have our hired hip hop songwriters sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Affidavit) to protect our client's confidentiality.

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Very creative and insightful work. It made sense of my ramblings! I loved the extra details and how my characters came to life. The writer provided prompt responses and patiently accommodated all last-minute changes. Thank you for your assistance. It means a lot to me. The hip hop songwriters of Best Ghost Writers are definitely recommended.


David Baker

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

I don't usually write reviews, but this one is for the Best Ghost Writers I hired. Everything went smoothly, from the writer's selection to the final submission of my book. I appreciated how he remained interested and concerned about my story. Thank you for adding a human element to the story. All questions were answered quickly. I am extremely pleased with the quality of much. Excellent work.


Catherine M.

#1-ranked agent on Publishers Marketplace

It is the best website to find hip hop Songwriters! I hired the Best Ghost Writers expecting a lengthy process, but they delivered my book in record time. Outstanding work! It was as if the author had read my mind. Wonderful. They also created my website. Thank you very much.


Jonathon D.

Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell

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