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We are the type of book publisher that strives to ensure your book gets on the top-selling charts.

Best Ghost Writers has the best book publishing team at their disposal, which makes sure that our client's books are made available on top media outlets like Forbes, The New York Times, Inc, and several others. Besides providing quality book publishing services, we help our clients with their writing, editing, and proofreading projects. We make sure that whatever our clients ask from us, we deliver it with utmost dedication and efficiency.

Some of our other quality services other than book publishinghave helped us become one of the brands for quality book publishing services.

Best Ghost Writers is definitely a name you can trust without a doubt. I had a book publishing task and asked them to publish my manuscript within a week and asked them to proofread and edit it and they did all that on an urgent basis. I couldn’t have asked for more but they did all that and made sure that my book was in its purest form at the time of publishing. If it hadn’t been for the Best Ghost Writers, my book would not have had the many readers it currently has. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who has a book publishing or writing task.

James Aaronson

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

If you want your book written or edited in the best possible way, trust me, you have to get in touch with Best Ghost Writers. They are a top, top book publishing company that is trustworthy and can quickly solve every book-related problem you might have. My manuscript was incomplete and messy in so many ways but they made sure that everything was perfect before it was published. And I can assure you it was when it was published on so many online platforms.

Abigail Lawrence

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

If I am being honest, I wasn’t up for the idea of an online book publishing company but once I learned about the technicalities and how important it is to get everything done right I realized that I needed a publishing company that would do justice to my book. And that is what Best Ghost Writers actually did. They were phenomenal as they made sure that my manuscript was in the best shape and moreover, they published it on platforms that allowed my book to become a best seller.

August Stone

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

Now is the time for you to be the writer you always wanted to be!
Everyone dreams of writing a book, and with Best Ghost Writers, that dream can easily turn into a reality. We will help you write the book you want to publish and publish it for the world to enjoy.

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Best Ghost Writers, Quality Book Publishing Like Nowhere!

Best Ghost Writers is a book publishing company that can easily solve all your writing, editing, and book publishing problems in an instant. We have a team of professionals who have vast amounts of expertise in editing, proofreading, writing, and book publishing. Other than that, we also have experts promoting books and writers so that the world can know about the upcoming authors of different genres. Best Ghost Writers has one of the largest fleets of writers who have the ability to work on all kinds of genres and can write all types of content. These writers ensure that the books they are working on are all unique and truly captivating once they are completed. On top of it, they write it in such a manner that the author feels that they themselves have written it. It doesn’t matter what your story is about. It can be a journey to the darkest of forests filled with monsters never known to humankind, a story about your life, a historical piece, a sci-fi action thriller, or simply an old-school romance novel. You have to let us know what you want to write, and we will write it for you in the best possible manner.

All you have to do is hire the Best Ghost Writers now and allow us to ensure your story reaches every corner of this world. We make sure that your book gets the services it needs to be a story that inspires readers and makes people your fan. Best Ghost Writers keeps in mind every single guideline that you shared with us, and we follow it during the whole process.


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Best Ghost Writers provides its clients with a range of various book publishing services, along with quality ghostwriting and editing services.

Book Editing:

We have the finest editors and writers who can assist you by editing your drafts perfectly. They have a sharp eye for minute details and don’t miss out on any mistakes, making sure your manuscript is 100% error-free. Share your manuscripts with us and see for yourself how we perfect them with the help of our professional editors.

Read More book-editors

Book Cover Design:

It is extremely significant that your book cover is next to perfect because no matter what anyone says, people judge a book by its cover. We have some of the best book cover designers at our disposal, allowing us to deliver quality book covers to our clients. They have the talent to accurately incorporate your whole book into a single cover that shows what your book is about.

Book Marketing And Promotion:

One of the most important aspects of publishing your book is ensuring its marketing and branding are handled expertly. Best Ghost Writers is a book publishing company that is known for itsbook publishing worldwide in the best possible way, ensuring that your book is read by the people you have intended it for.

Amazon Publication:

Best Ghost Writers has professionals who know how to publish your books on Amazon, enabling your book to reach millions of potential readers available on Amazon worldwide. When we publish your books on Amazon, you will get all the royalties that your book will receive.

Fiction Book Writing:

Fiction writing is a world of its own; if you have ideas, you only have to find the words to turn them into a book. If you don’t have the words, then don’t worry because Best Ghost Writers has the best fiction writers on our team, which allows them to craft a story that is according to your ideas but is written in the most professional ways.

Non-Fiction Writing :

Non-fiction writing is an art itself and sometimes requires the most complex work if you want it to be written in its most perfect form. We are a top book publishing company that has also done a lot of Non-Fiction writing, and we know all the essential things it requires to craft the best piece of Non-Fiction work.

At Best Ghost Writers, We Make Your Writing And Publishing Projects Worthwhile.

We aim for perfection and make sure that whenever a client reaches out to us for any task, we provide them with whatever they need.

We Strive To Make You A Best Seller And Recognized In The Literary World In No Time!


Reach out to us.

You can contact us by calling or through an online chat and share your project and ideas with us. Be it a writing, editing, or publishing project, and our representative will guide you in the best possible manner. We will work out the important details, and once everything is finalized, we can start working on your project.


Project Scope

Once your order is finalized, our project scope team begins its extensive research and crafts a project scope that comprises all the chapters and their necessary details. Once the client approves the project scope, we move on to the next phase.


Writing Process

After the project scope is approved, our writers begin working on the writing phase and start writing your book chapter by chapter. Once your chapter is completed, it is shared with you for your approval, and only after your approval we move on to the next chapter. If, in any case, the author does not approve the chapter, we will work on it again until its approval. This process is followed until all the chapters of your book are written. When the writing phase is completed, we move to the next phase of your project.



Once your book is written completely, and the final draft is ready, it is sent to the proofreading team for an overall review. The proofreading team ensures that everything is perfect and that there are no errors in it before sending it to the formatting and typesetting team.


Formatting & Typesetting

Our formatting and typesetting team formats the book and adds fonts that the author instructs. Moreover, the team works on designing both the front and back covers of your book and shares it with the author once it is completed.


Publishing & Promotion

Once all things are done and the author approves their book, our book publishing team publishes their book on their desired platforms and begins a promotional and marketing strategy that allows your book to reach your target audiences in no time.

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Do you have an exciting story that is brewing inside of you and want to share it with the world but need assistance putting it on paper? Well, the time for worrying anymore is gone, my fellow authors!

If the answer to the question mentioned above is yes, then my friends, you have come to the right place! Best Ghost Writers is the golden compass to your writing journey. We have expert writers on our team who have the ability to give words to your magnificent ideas and compile them in the shape of a novel that is truly out of this world! Our writers will craft a truly mesmerizing book that will keep your readers on edge while moving from chapter to chapter.

  • Devising a proper plan and making sure that the client knows every part of it.
  • Carrying out proper research before the writing process is started.
  • Crafting a customized outline that is specific to the client's project.
  • Keeping the client in the loop throughout the writing process
  • Once the draft is completed, it is proofread and edited before it is shared with the client for their approval.

Why Should You Hire The Best Ghost Writers For Your Ghostwriting Tasks?

Experienced Writers

Our writers will ensure that your ideas are utilized in the best manner so that they can craft a truly remarkable book. They have the skill set to write and deliver a book to you in no time.

Consult With Us Whenever It Is Feasible For You

Our support team is always available and there to answer all your queries. We are here to assist with any book publishing-related service you need help with.

Revision Policy

At any time you feel that you want to give feedback to our writers and ask them for any revisions for a particular chapter, feel free to ask us because we are here for you, and we aim to satisfy our clients by providing them with the best book publishing services.

Quality Is Our Priority

Best Ghost Writers ensures that we provide our clients with top-quality work that is 100% authentic with the assistance of our quality assurance team. Your final draft is shared with them to make sure that everything is perfect before we share it with you.

Things to consider while creating your book draft

Writing a book is not everyone's cup of tea. There are various obstacles that even the most experienced author has to face at some point. Hurdles like writer's block, the monotony of typing several thousand words, and focusing on linguistic proficiency make it difficult for writers to complete their book drafts. Moreover, most books contain around 100k words, producing around 400 double-spaced pages on a word processor. A lot f work! Creating a draft can be as simple as giving birth to a story or idea. Or you can see it in specifics: Writing the ebook, engaging readers to download, and driving revenue. In this scenario, an efficient book publishing company like Best Ghost Writers USA can save you from the tiresome process of writing a draft. Here you will get all the help you would want at any and every stage of writing and publishing your book on the right platform to bring out the maximum potential of your creation.

However, every author has a different challenge when creating a draft. Some get stuck in the middle and want someone to take over the writing process. In contrast, others need assistance publishing their books on appropriate platforms. Here is a step-by-step walk through the process of writing a manuscript of your book, and our best writers will help you from the beginning to the end with our best book publishing services. The first thing to consider while creating your draft is to come up with a great idea. Jot down each and every idea somewhere so you don't miss out on a single thread of imagination you want to add to your story. As a writer, you might have great ideas in your head, all mapped out. But, we understand that it is not easy for everyone to give words to their thoughts. Best Ghost Writers publishing services take it from there and provide you with highly creative writers who understand your ideas and help you create a publishable draft.

The next thing a writer must do while starting a manuscript is to outline the ideas to give a proper flow to the book that can engage readers. This way, you will know what to research and how to keep the flow of your book. Our writers can help you in that by understanding your manuscript and making a perfect book outline with the appropriate number and length of chapters. Hence, it becomes easier and more entertaining for your readers to understand your train of thought.

Once you have your outline ready, focus on how to start your book. Remember that the first few pages are crucial. The starting makes or breaks your story, which is important in capturing your reader's attention. If you want your readers to finish your book from end to end and take an interest in what you are trying to convey, give a good thought and time to the opening. Or you can engage one of our writers to provide an excellent opening for your book, regardless of its genre. Best Ghost Writers has writers and publishers for all genres and platforms to make your story a bestseller.

Once you have your first draft ready, it is essential to transform it into a publishable ebook. Each publishing platform has slightly different criteria for formatting and other publishing technicalities. Therefore, your ebook should be edited and formatted accurately. We suggest you focus entirely on your creativity and leave the technicalities to Best Ghost Writing Publishing services. Our expert team will edit and format your book appropriately for every platform.

With a great idea, an engaging opening, and an acceptable format for every publishing platform, you can see your draft ready to go up for readers to download. But suppose this all is too much for you. In that case, you can use our platform to benefit from end-to-end services, from writing to editing, formatting, and publishing. Simply put, our writers and publishers combine your idea and their efforts to transform your manuscript into a professional book anyone would want to read.

Why hire Best Ghost Writers teams to write your ebook?

  • Ghostwriters save your time: You might have the perfect idea in your head about your next book or your first draft. But if you don't have the time or expertise to form it into a book, ghostwriters are your best option. Hiring a suitable ghostwriter can fulfill your dream of creating the next bestseller. Thus, nothing to worry about,even if you don't have enough hours in your daily routine for the complex job. At Best Ghost Writers, the ghostwriters know their job well and can deliver your book, all written, edited, and formatted in half the time. The best thing is that you can conduct scheduled meetings with your hired writer at your convenience and be part of every step in creating your idea into a book.
  • Ghostwriters know the technicalities: Ghostwriters are proficient. Writing is their job, and we have writers who are best at what they do. So, if you have the idea but not the expertise in dealing with the technicalities of writing a book, such as making an appropriate outline and formatting according to the publishing platforms, a ghostwriter is the best option. All in all, whether you want to go for traditional publishing or a self-book publishing option, various technicalities are involved from the beginning to the end. Therefore, we advise you to hire a ghostwriter so you can focus on creativity, leaving the dry procedures to the professionals.
  • Ghostwriters ensure confidentiality: Hiring a ghostwriter from a reputable company is better than seeking freelancer assistance. Ghostwriters at Best Ghost Writers are bound to keep your content and their work on your book confidential. It means that even though the book will be the result of your idea and the effort of a ghostwriter, it will be you with complete ownership of the final product.
  • Ghostwriters can address different audiences: Ghostwriting and book publishing companies have specialized writers for every niche. So, although you might have a perfect idea about a subject matter, an expert in the field can write it best with all the terminologies understandable for the relevant readers. Our Ghostwriters are experts in researching and writing for different audiences. They know how to keep the content straightforward and address the right audience, making your book relatable to your target readers.
  • Ghostwriters make your book noticeable on search engines: If readers cannot find your book, all your effort and creativity will be wasted. So, you might not know, but it is highly beneficial if the content of your book is optimized for search engines. As a matter of fact, Search engine optimized content is crucial for any content published online to appear in Google searches so your readers can find and read it. With rapidly evolving algorithms, it is significant that someone with good SEO knowledge writes your content. Our ghostwritersare skilled in writing and organizing the content of your book according to the best SEO practices to bring it on top of search engine results.

Get your next book online on your favorite publishing platform!
If you need a skilled writer or book publisher to map out your idea, give words to your vision, or handle all the technical requirements, you are at the right platform.

Why hiring writers from Best Ghost Writers to publish your book is the best option?

Hire writers from Best Ghost Writers if you want to transform your manuscript into a professional-looking ebook with engaging content and the correct formatting. Our ghostwriters and publishers are highly skilled to help you become a published author. Suppose you have an idea and don't know how to convert it into something readers will love downloading and reading. In that case, your best option is to contact our experts and get the right answers for all your queries regarding book publishing online and offline. The best thing is that Best Ghost Writers provides end-to-end publishing services, from mapping your idea into a book form, writing it in engaging content, formatting it, and then publishing it on multiple platforms. You can benefit from all these services or hire a skilled writer or publisher to do the part that is a hassle for you.

Our efficient team focuses solely on a specific task at a time, helping you overcome your writer's block and deal with the technical aspects of book publishing. Moreover, we have writers specialized in different niches. So, whether you want to write an academic piece, a self-help book, a biography, or a fiction, we have writers who will shape your idea, making it enjoyable for your target segment. The best part is that we keep our clients engaged throughout the process, so you feel connected with your project like you are doing it yourself.

No worries if you have already done the writing part! Simply put, if you have the idea and the words encased in a perfect draft, you can hire our editors to edit it and make creative suggestions to enhance the book content. After all, two minds are better than one, and synergizing is a trait of successful men. Our writers and editors work collaboratively with clients to complete the project in the shortest possible time and in the best way. You will surely enjoy that kind of teamwork on your book, where you will lead the project with a skilled team to work perfectly according to your guidelines.

Once you have a completely edited and formatted book, you would want it published online, where readers can download and read your creation. Ultimately, the whole point of putting effort into writing a book is to let the world know your ideas about a particular subject and get the recognition you deserve. Best Ghost Writers has a designated team of publishers who is expert in devising strategies tailored to your book's best interests. So, you don't have to stress about the technical and time-consuming book publishing process. Leave it to our team, who will take the best care of the matters from publishing to marketing your books on appropriate platforms and help you become a recognized author.

A book is always judged by its cover' is not a cliché. An appealing and relevant book cover defines your work and is the first thing that catches readers' eyes. Best Ghost Writers is an all-encompassing publishing company where you can hire a designer and get the book cover of your dreams. Our project managers ensure that your books do good in the market. They efficiently track the progress and keep you updated on everything going on in the process of making your draft a proficient enjoyable book that will definitely ace its genre. That way, you will always know where your book stands in the market.

'A book is always judged by its cover' is not a cliché. An appealing and relevant book cover defines your work and is the first thing that catches readers' eyes. Best Ghost Writers is an all-encompassing publishing company where you can hire a designer and get the book cover of your dreams. Our project managers ensure that your books do good in the market. They efficiently track the progress and keep you updated on everything going on in the process of making your draft a proficient enjoyable book that will definitely ace its genre. That way, you will always know where your book stands in the marketWe have the expertise and the skills, and you have the masterpiece. So collaborate with Best Ghost Writers and see your grand idea turning into a best-selling book in no time and at minimum cost. We have teams who write, edit, format, design, publish, and promote your book, keeping all the legal and ethical aspects foremost.

How our writing and publishing process works

Best Ghost Writers is renowned among authors who want the utmost recognition on publishing platforms. Our skilled teams of writers, designers, and publishers provide all types of writing and publishing services to save you time and money. Our processes are designed to make you a published author on multiple recognized platforms. Our project managers ensure our clients are updated about every step their book goes through, from writing to publishing and marketing. Our processes are highly user-friendly and transparent, whether you want us to write the entire book, edit your manuscript, or publish it on your desired platform. Here is a walk-through of all the writing and publishing processes we vigilantly follow for the best results.

First, our customer representative makes the first contact to get all the project details and understand the idea of your book. Our customer representatives have complete knowledge to understand everything about your book. They determine the niche and genre of your book, whether it is fiction, self-help, academic, or biography. Next, we send you a questionnaire to get the essential details so our team can craft a project scope for your book. The process makes it easier for us to connect you with a writer specialized in the specific area of your book. The writer creates a book out of your idea in light of all the details you provide.

Once the project scope is discussed with you in detail, our writers make a chapter-wise outline, entailing the description of each chapter. Note that we don't move to the next step without getting your approval on the previous one. We will share the complete outline of your book with you and move on to the writing task after you approve it. The writers and project managers devise a strategy to explicitly portray your idea in the book.

Once the outline and strategy are ready, our writer will start writing the initial chapter, giving a perfect opening to your book. Each chapter then goes to an experienced editor once completed. The editor closely scrutinizes the content to ensure it is error-free and aligned with the project scope. After ensuring everything is perfectly done, the editor forwards the chapter to the support team. The team shares the content with you to acquire your input. The writer will move to the next chapter only after getting your approval on the first chapter. The exact process will follow until the completion of your book.

The initial draft is then sent to proofreaders who ensure the book is error-free and sends the error-free draft to the typesetting and illustrations department. The team works on the graphical illustrations, Table of content, and formatting aspects and forward it to the design team for appealing front and back book covers. Once the client approves everything, the publishing team publishes the book on the platforms. It even works on its promotion and marketing as per your requirement.

Now that you know the process, you can opt for a single task or trust us with the end-to-end services in the book-writing journey. It is the best way to ensure that your cover design, content, and formatting will be in harmony since they're done under one roof. We also have a marketing team to establish your digital presence efficiently. Our marketing team can design websites for authors with blogs and promotional strategies to enhance your presence on search engines and social media platforms.

So feel free to contact us for consultation and services. We are always happy to support and encourage you in your writing and book publishing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghostwriting is a service where you can hire writers to write your books, speeches, memoirs, journalistic works, novels, or any other type of literary work. These writers are not entitled to any credit for their work, meaning the literature gets published under the client's name as the author. Ghostwriting services can be used for books, screenplays, songs, and anything associated with writing.

You can easily contact our customer support team to get the details of our writing and publishing services. If you want to place an order, our project managers will contact you within 24 hours to ask for more information. The concerned person will discuss everything associated with your project order, such as cost and timeline. Once the deal is finalized, we will appoint the best suitable writer based on your project needs. Our support team will keep you updated at every step of the project. So, you can sit back and watch your manuscript unfold into a professional-looking book, ready for publishing on your favorite platforms.

Ghostwriting and publishing at Best Ghost Writers costs vary from order to order, according to the number of words, add-on services, deadlines, etc. Our team member will give you a quotation and start working on your order once you approve the budget, according to your convenience. We offer required consultation via live chat, voice calls, and email

It takes around six months to complete a book, but the duration can vary from order to order. Every work requires different time and effort to research and write.

We keep the writers and publishers bound by a non-disclosure agreement. So, ultimately our clients get all the credit and ownership of the work.

Our writers and publishers do not desire credit or royalties as they work for the company against a fixed payment.

Best Ghost Writers respects its clients' privacy and understands the risks associated with unpublished work. We guarantee 100% confidentiality for all provided information. Our team is bound by non-disclosure designed in our client's best interest.

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Everything You Require to Become a Published writer!

Best Ghost Writers provides all services associated with a book writing project. We have designated teams for each service, from writing, designing, and formatting to publishing and marketing your work on the appropriate platforms.

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